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Retro-look container is a promotion tool

Certain shapes and colours evoke nostalgic memories of the good old days. Procter & Gamble tapped into this and rewarded loyal customers with a free gift from Clics Toys packed in a retro-look container from RPC Superfos.


The container looks like something you have seen before. Suddenly, you recall pictures of washing powder from the sixties and seventies and it makes you feel good to take a walk down memory lane. Then you find out that it gets even better than that, because as a loyal customer you can actually have the container for free and there is an exciting free construction toy gift inside.


Retro-look container is a promotion tool


This is more or less how a customer in a Belgian supermarket could have reacted in autumn 2012 when passing by an in-shop promotion area with products from Procter & Gamble (P&G), the multinational manufacturer of laundry detergents and more.


Paintainer® for toys
What looks like a retro mini cardboard pot with washing powder is in fact a RPC Superfos plastic container from the Paintainer® range with 150 blocks from Belgian Clics Toys inside. This is a loyalty reward to customers who buy selected P&G products worth about 35 euro.

“It is a lovely little container that resembles the washing powder packaging about forty years ago. Thanks to the Paintainer solution, we got the right size and almost infinite decoration options through In-Mould Labelling,” says Marketing Manager Jean Reusens from Clics Toys in Belgium and continues:


“RPC Superfos was very flexible, professional and efficient to cooperate with also in respect of creating a customised opening to make the lid even more user-friendly and suitable for children.”


Quality and success
Both toys and packaging have been thoroughly pre- and post-tested by P&G to make sure that all quality requirements were met. According to Jean Reusens, RPC Superfos and Clics Toys delivered impeccable quality and flawless production.

The promotional action was a huge success. Mothers and grandmothers loved the cute packaging very much, not least the idea of getting fun and educational toys for their children and grandchildren when they bought laundry detergents from P&G.