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Schreiner PrinTrust offers single-source accreditation system for major events

Modulares_Akkreditierungssystem_01 With its new accreditation system, Schreiner PrinTrust offers a comprehensive solution for access to major events. Event organizers are provided with software, badges and reading devices to monitor access of people involved in the event such as press, catering, security or medical services. In addition, the allocation of the organizer's own personnel becomes very flexible thanks to a two-stage accreditation system providing information on the person and on his or her function. Schreiner PrinTrust adjusts the modular system solution to individual security requirements.


Security at major events is becoming ever more crucial for organizers. Counterfeit-proof accreditation badges significantly contribute to a high security level. Another key factor for flawless processes consists in the quick and reliable collection of data. Schreiner PrinTrust offers all components needed for the secure and flexible monitoring of accreditation: software, badges and reading devices. The software package covers everything starting from data acquisition, the generation of encrypted Data Matrix codes and RFID content continuing on through to issuing and verifying badges and the billing of all aspects involved. Depending on the required degree of security, various security features are available for the accreditation process. For instance, overt features such as holograms and shifting colors can be integrated into the design. Covert security features include the copy detection technology BitSecure that requires a reading device for evaluation. The software package and a standard printer make it easy for the event organizer to individualize the blank badges.


Two-stage accreditation improves personnel planning

The unique two-stage accreditation system enables effective personnel allocation by offering the possibility to better manage alternating staff from other organizations. For this, every person who is granted access receives not only the personalized accreditation but also a badge adjusted to his or her particular function. This badge is handed out to the person before his or her assignment and grants access solely to those people who are currently on duty. As soon as the assignment is finished, the badge must be returned. Monitoring the badges is carried out on a local, mobile and autonomous basis. This means that no online access to data is necessary. Several high-performance reading devices for RFID or BitSecure enable secure and quick monitoring of those access authorizations that are limited with respect to area or time.

Source: Schreiner Protech