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New accessory for the 1000 printer line provides extended runtimes for high volume customers.


Videojet Technologies Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of coding, printing and laser marking products, fluids and accessories for the product identification industry, today announced a five liter Bulk Fluid System (BFS) for the 1000 Line continuous ink jet printers. The BFS benefits customers running high volume print applications such as bottle and can as well as wire, cable and pipe production lines.





“The new BFS accessory was created for our high volume, high usage customers,” said Mark Breunig, continuous ink jet product manager for Videojet. “With fewer cartridges to change, customers can enjoy longer runtimes and less intervention with their Videojet continuous ink jet printers, which delivers greater efficiency to operations.”





The Videojet BFS accessory is a large capacity bulk fluid container for ink or make up that can easily integrate into many continuous ink jet printers including: 1610, 1620, 1610DH, 1520 and 1710 (make-up only). The new BFS is available as an upgrade to existing equipment or as a standard option for new continuous ink jet printers. Mounted anywhere within one meter from the ink jet printer, the BFS features a needle and septum design which keeps fluid replenishment clean and simple.


The Smart CartridgeTM design makes the system foolproof. Once inserted, the printer reads an embedded microchip on the bulk container to verify it is the proper fluid type and has not passed its expiration date. Production line operators can enjoy the benefits of a bulk system without the risks of contamination or mismatching fluids.



Added Breunig: “We know our customers need uptime peace of mind. With the new BFS, customers running 24/7 or multiple shifts each day can enjoy extended runtime between make-up cartridge changes.”



To learn more about the new Bulk Fluid System for the Videojet 1000 line continuous ink jet printersvisit