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Kodak Helps Printer Trento Increase Customer Satisfaction And Win Coveted Industry Award

Printer Trento is meeting its customers’ stringent print standards after investing in a wide range of KODAK Print and Software Solutions. The Italian print service provider has been collaborating with Kodak for many years, and its plant now includes two KODAK MAGNUS VLF Platesetters; KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System; KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal for tracking job submissions, change requests and approvals or rejections; KODAK COLORFLOW Software for integrating all the systems and colorflow elements into a single production environment; and KODAK TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plates for ensuring top-quality printing.

Working in partnership with Kodak, Printer Trento has also created an XML module integrating the prepress workflow and ERP.

Meeting customers’ requirements and earning industry recognition

Reproducing high-quality images is essential for all print houses. But in the publishing industry, nothing less than exceptional print quality is accepted. In order to meet this expectation, Printer Trento relies on KODAK Solutions to guarantee outstanding print quality and enhance its customer relationship management.



It’s an approach that has paid dividends – and not just in terms of customer feedback. Last November, Printer Trento won the Graphic Business of the Year accolade at the Vedovella 2012 Awards, a top Italian award of the paper processing and graphic industries.

An all-round specialist

Printer Trento has specialised in fine book printing since its inception in 1980. Today the company employs 50 people and is a perfect example of how print houses can drive vast revenue by looking beyond national borders – the company exports 95% of the books (on art, cooking, photography, architecture and medicine), tourist guides and calendars it produces to Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Scandinavia.

Massimo Martinelli, IT Manager and son of one of Printer Trento’s founding partners, believes the company’s commitment to technology is a cornerstone of its success: “Over the years we’ve built a strong reputation in the industry thanks to our policy of embracing advances in print technology. We’re always exploring ways we can make the production process more efficient and cost effective, from the initial order through to delivery of the finished product. Investing in Kodak's Technology is a key part of our strategy, as we know the company’s solutions deliver the high quality our customers demand. Being able to consistently produce top-quality print has helped us attract and retain our high-profile clientele.”



In the future, Printer Trento plans to focus on greater integration between MIS and prepress/printing to simplify procedures and limit manual operations. The company also aims to introduce digital printing in addition to offset printing, as an alternative for handling low-volume print jobs.

Quick and reliable prepress

The KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System offers production control through automatic processing, preflighting, color management, trapping and imposition. The production automation efficiencies from KODAK PRINERGY Rules-Based Automation Software read job input in JDF format and use it to process, set up and create files automatically.

Effective colour management is guaranteed thanks to the KODAK COLORFLOW Software being an integral component of the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System. COLORFLOW Software is an intelligent color solution that manages production color relationship complexities the right colour settings are used and applied at the right times during the workflow.

Emanuele Cheller, Printer Trento’s File to Print Manager, comments: “These options enable me to upgrade the automated flow between preprint and printing and, importantly, ensure a constant medium-to-high level of colorflow quality. From my point of view, this is crucial. Integration and quality are 50-50 components in the best colour management systems, and this is what KODAK COLORFLOW Software provides. Organising our production in this way means we don’t have to worry about costly re-processing or reprinting because we know the final print results will match expectations.”

Printer Trento’s customers have been quick to spot the benefits afforded by Kodak's Technology. Over the last year and a half, colour / quality non-conformity has almost disappeared, while quality stability has improved.

KODAK Plate Technology enables savings

Printer Trento is also enjoying the commercial and sustainability advantages offered by KODAK TRILLIAN SP Plates, which were chosen for the company’s five KBA offset machines: “They reduce the use of water in the printing process,” continues Cheller. “Also, wide latitude and greater print stability lead to savings on process supervision and adjustments in the event of changes. TRILLIAN SP Plates deliver sharp detail and stability. Plus the extremely fast processing speeds, excellent resolution and consistency mean we enjoy a significantly lower total cost of ownership.”

Imaging the TRILLIAN SP Plates on MAGNUS VLF Platesetters ensures that consistent and high-quality plates are taken to press every time. The exceptional accuracy, stability, and repeatability of KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, available only on KODAK Platesetters, plus features like Dynamic Autofocus and Temperature Compensation all contribute to delivering the high print quality required by Printer Trento’s customers.

Sharing opinions and experience

Printer Trento is a member of the Graphic Users Association (GUA), an international association of companies using KODAK Solutions and Services. The aim of the GUA is to ensure members get the best possible return from their investment in Kodak technology, and give them the opportunity to discuss how they can improve their set-ups with Kodak's product managers and technical experts.

Printer Trento is an active member of the GUA, and is always keen to share its experience with Kodak: “We really appreciate this direct interaction with Kodak’s developers,” concludes Cheller. “Kodak is really interested in what’s happening on the frontline and the challenges we face. The GUA conferences are also very useful for meeting with our industry peers. Sharing ideas on how we can improve how we all operate benefits everyone.”

Nigel Street, General Manager, Unified Workflow Solutions, Kodak EAMER, comments on Printer Trento's success story: “It’s really rewarding to see the impact KODAK Solutions have had on the company. Printer Trento is a far-sighted operation, and it’s commitment to investing in the latest printing innovations is clearly paying off. We look forward to building on this very healthy working relationship.”