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KODAK NEXPRESS SX Digital Production Color Press opens doors to new business at Maygray Graphics in Uxbridge

The recent installation of a KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press at Maygray’s Uxbridge factory in the UK is all part of a strategic change in the company’s business model. The KODAK NEXPRESS Press replaces one of two HEIDELBERG 74 5-colour Speedmasters and signals a complete overhaul of the factory’s logistics. Established in 1986, the company has successfully built a strong client base as traditional litho printers offering high levels of customer care and quality print products. The strategic digital investment will enable Maygray to offer the best of both litho and digital print and maximize its offering. The company also plans to further invest in a raft of finishing equipment.

Steve Evans, Operations Manager at Maygray explains: “The choice of the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press was a natural progression. We chose the press over the competition after much research,” states Evans. “The Fifth Imaging Unit on the NEXPRESS Press will give us added value options and the SX3300 also has the advantage of a longer sheet feeder to increase productivity. We saw the KODAK NEXPRESS Press in action at Print Efficiently in October of last year and we were blown away by the quality and diversity that Kodak’s Digital Press is capable of producing. We made the decision there and then – we had to have this machine. We had looked at the alternatives but in the end there was no comparison. The ability to print RGB and raise the quality in one pass, the opportunities with the unique Gold and Dimensional Ink options on the Fifth Imaging Unit were all too attractive a proposition to resist. We will be able to offer our customers countless options which will give them the edge over their competitors. KODAK NEXPRESS Press Technology will take us into the future.”


Steve_Evans_Operations_Manager_Maygray Steve Evans Operations Manager Maygray



Maygray has a KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System driving its colour management requirements and file control – also a KODAK MAGNUS 400 QUANTUM Platesetter imaging 1200 KODAK SONORA XP Process Free plates per month for litho printing, giving the company a smooth and efficient operation at the front end. “The KODAK Platesetter is top class,” continues Evans, “and the new SONORA Plate is proving its worth in every respect – repeatability and reliability as well as eco-conscious.” The SONORA XP Plate lets Maygray skip the processing step when making plates, as well as completely eliminating the need for processing equipment and chemicals.

Maygray is a commercial printer serving London, the Thames Valley and the South East – offering artwork, design and repro, proofing, printing, finishing, fulfillment and delivery. Employing twelve staff the company can see the advantages of the KODAK NEXPRESS Press offering personalization for Direct Mail and Transactional applications using variable data. Evans says: “Today’s trend is towards digital print and we have a significant number of clients who have yet to be persuaded. We have to educate them that the transition to digital is not a threat but an advantage. With the digital capability of the KODAK NEXPRESS Press, our customers will see doors opening and new business opportunities available to them.”

Moving with the times

Steve Evans continues: “These are exciting times for Maygray. We have a full order book so we can see the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press complementing our litho press for the short run work we already have in hand. We are cautiously planning and reviewing every move to ensure quality control. We are looking at web to print options and working through a number of ideas. We needed to invest in the KODAK NEXPRESS Press first – it was a necessity to have the digital press in place before moving forward with any other initiative. We recognize that the future is the internet and realize our customers would benefit from a service where they can go online to order, design and monitor their jobs.” In today’s fast moving business world it is important that we research and adopt the latest technology available and give our customers the competitive advantage. This is a significant move for us businesswise and now that we have re-arranged our premises to accommodate both litho and digital printing we can offer a full service and control every job from start to finish in house. We are huge fans of Kodak's Technology.”

These are early days at Maygray but the company is planning to restructure its workload and move to an online service. The company sees it as fundamental that they help their dedicated customers to have the tools and support to differentiate themselves from their competition. With online ordering and the KODAK Digital Press, customers will be able to place an order and receive a high quality product within a short time frame. Maygray is also looking to attract new short run business.

Kodak's General Manager for Print & Vice President Commercial Business EAMER, Olivier Claude says, “Maygray is well positioned both financially and technically to move with the times to a digital/litho business model. We have been delighted to hear that the company has improved the quality and speed of its litho production with the success of our KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates imaging on a KODAK MAGNUS 400 Platesetter. Now with the installation of the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press working alongside, Maygray has every advantage to offer its customers a comprehensive portfolio of printed products.”

Bob Fowler, Maygray Managing Director adds: “After almost 30 years as a successful conventional litho printer, I am seeing a digital explosion which I cannot afford to ignore. The old model of putting ink on paper no longer exists. We owe it to our customers to lead the way and alter their perceptions. We need to give them added value. Most things in business are driven by the supplier/customer relationship. The rapport is still there and personal but print runs are reducing, the market is shrinking and business has to become smarter. We now have print solutions rather than print. With all this, we have moved with the times and invested in Kodak’s latest innovative and digital press. In our view, Kodak has the best new technology – and we have studied all the alternatives. The KODAK NEXPRESS Press fits with our culture of having the best that money can buy, saving up for it and buying the best. The KODAK NEXPRESS Press is a ‘printers’ digital press – it is the perfect machine for us. We have nothing but praise for KODAK Products – the KODAK MAGNUS Platesetter is phenomenal. We moved to Kodak's Technology and it's fantastic – we have no reservations – top quality kit, service and printed product. All our staff will say the same.”


Maygray has grown steadily investing prudently without losing focus on its customer’s needs. The company’s watchword is ‘trust’ earned through an honest approach. They believe in communication and say they will never take a job they cannot deliver. They offer a fast turnaround on each job with a high quality product and a reasonable price. Their beliefs and testimonial are impressive. Fowler concludes, “We believe Kodak has carefully designed each element of the NEXPRESS Press to meet the requirements of today’s printer looking for a digital solution in a competitive marketplace.”