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NASPO certificate guarantees secure practices in all processes

image The North American Security Products Organization (NASPO) conducts one of the most stringent independent security audits worldwide. In 2009, Schreiner Group was the first security printing house in Germany to meet NASPO’s exacting requirements. As part of the re-audit, the Schreiner ProTech business unit has now been awarded NASPO certification as well. Worldwide, 29 companies have been operating in accordance with NASPO’s stringent standards to date.

Security seals by Schreiner ProTech are used, for example, in the automotive industry for marking spare parts and make it possible for dealerships and garages to distinguish originals from fakes. But the security labels alone do not guarantee reliable counterfeiting and tampering protection. To fully achieve the desired protection, strict confidentiality has to be guaranteed throughout the label production process, from project set-up through to shipping.

Schreiner ProTech meets the highest security standards in producing authenticity protection solutions for engineering industries. NASPO certification has confirmed that this is the case. Information and product security, physical security of the facilities as well as data security comply with NASPO’s exacting standards. With that, tampering protection of the product markings starts as early as in the manufacturing process. Only a selected, trained group of personnel has access to the confidential data.  The products are manufactured in restricted areas with special security provisions in place. Only authorized personnel access these facilities through a security gate. Internal transportation, warehousing and shipping operations are controlled and monitored as well. This provides seamless protection of confidential customer data and products and prevents the labels from falling into the wrong hands.