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Polyonics Announces Expanded PolyFLEX Flexible Substrates

Polyonics will be introducing its expanded line of PolyFLEX™ flexible substrates at the upcoming IPC APEX Expo. The PolyFLEX line has added new sizes, functions and performances including ultra-thin (13 µm) amber and high opacity black polyimide films. In addition, a variety of white, clear and matte black top coats are available including a new harder and more durable white top coat―aimed at high temperature laminations―and antistatic and flame retardant functionalities.

The substrates provide the ideal physical and electrical properties for flexible circuits. They are designed using polymer coating technologies developed for the extreme temperatures and harsh environments found in PCB manufacturing. The coatings allow printing with conductive, semi-conductive and resistive inks via Flexo and Screen printing. Along with printability, these constructions can provide thermal management, electrical isolation, electrostatic dissipation—to help prevent ESD in static sensitive devices (SSD)—and fire retardant options.



PolyFLEX now includes ultra-thin (13 µm) amber and high opacity black polyimide films, a variety of white, clear and matte black top coats, a new harder and more durable white top coat and antistatic and flame retardant features

PolyFLEX Makes Printing on Polyimide Possible

PolyFLEX polyimide flexible substrates take full advantage of polyimide’s unique characteristics (high dielectric strength, high temperature resistance, thin, flexible, etc.) plus include clear, white printable coatings. The proprietary polymer coatings have been evaluated by leading conductive ink suppliers as providing increased ink receptivity, superior ink adhesion and high resolution printing. The PolyFLEX formulations and coatings are the most durable, highest resolution and most printable polyimide films available on the market today.

Typical applications include:

• Electrical Circuits

• Portable Devices

• RFID Antennas

• Smart Bandages

• Drug delivery devices

• Flex Circuits

• Temperature Sensors

• Flexible LEDs

• Flexible Heaters

PolyFLEX Flame Retardant Films

PolyFLEX flame retardant films help manage the thermal environment within the device by insulating or isolating heat sensitive components while not contributing to the burn cycle. The films can also provide;

• Halogen free UL94 VTM0 flame retardant protection

• Electrostatic dissipation for SSDs (surface resistances of 10^4 to 10^9 Ohms)

• Dimensional stability at high temperatures

• High dielectric strengths

• Ultra-thin constructions

PolyFLEX High Opacity Films

PolyFLEX high opacity films have found success in a variety of optical devices among them cameras, optical encoders, LEDs, etc. They can provide;

• Very low (<2.5) optical transmission density

• Maximum light passage plus minimized light leakage

• Highly reflective white top coats

• Antistatic and/or halogen-free flame retardant performance

• Ultra-thin constructions