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castello banfi Castello Banfi, a reference point in the wine sector, was founded in 1978 by the Mariani brothers who, at the time, already owned Banfi Vitners, one of the major American wine import companies.

Protagonist in terms of wine excellence on a global level, Castello Banfi obtained the ISO 9001-14001 certification in 2001 for its quality and environmental policy and, in 2006, was the first winery in the world to obtain the SA 8000 certification for its exceptional ethical, social and environmental responsibility in the production of goods and services, and was awarded the Wine Oscar by the Italian Association of Sommeliers in 2010.

With a property of 2,830 hectares, 850 of which with special vineyards, Banfi grows a raw material that is absolutely perfect for the wine-making process. Soul in the vines, heart in the winery, with over seven thousand barrels to age their wine, built according to very strict criteria and certified directly by Banfi. The wines produced by this important vine grower are the concrete result of a constant pursuit to improve the art of oenology, to succeed in combining the experience of tradition with the most innovative technologies. The winery is not only the cradle of the most prestigious wines of the Tuscan culture, Brunello di Montalcino and Moscadello, but other qualities of wines as well, from the main international red wines to aromatic whites, from the sparkling wines of the Oiedmont region produced by the sister company Banfi Piemonte, to the Chilean wines of Punta Nogal, a leading Chilean brand in Italy. Castello Banfi is also the exclusive distributor in Italy of the historical Joseph Perrier Champagne House and the largest wine-making establishment in Latin America, Concha y Toro.

The added value to the outstanding quality and excellence of Banfi products is provided by the label on the bottles, designed by P.E. LABELLERS since 1998. In January 2013, one of the most complete modular labelling machines available in Italy was installed in their production facility. A concentrate of flexibility and technology, designed to label a multitude of bottles with different labels, guaranteeing absolute minimum format change times thanks to highly advanced electrical regulating systems for the central head, adhesive stations and cold glue stations, all selectable from the operator panel. P.E. LABELLERS' rotating labelling machine is also equipped with a sophisticated system of bottle-positioning control cameras, a customised batch marking system in different positions, and a label application quality control system.