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Enhanced reliability for film wine labels

Innovative multi-layer technology is now being placed at the disposal of the film label segment serving the wine industry. Self-adhesive solutions specialist HERMA is offering its HERMAexquisite range of film products with an adhesive whose specially formulated second layer achieves outstanding processing benefits and very good adhesive properties. "As a consequence, label users no longer need to accept any of the customary compromises," insists HERMA managing director Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner. "Neat workmanship and absolutely reliable application are especially important in the case of wine labels because they are known to exert a significant influence on the sales success of the wine."


image Exquisite solution for wine labels: HERMA is now presenting its HERMAexquisite range of film products

with an adhesive that easily passes the wet "cooler test" and offers excellent processing attributes.

Label printers will be especially pleased that the adhesive material, codenamed HERMAperfectCut 62Xpc, reduces die-cutter wear during film label production, improves processing and enhances the die-cutting results. These benefits are attributable to the special second layer. It reinforces the adhesive's cohesion (inner strength) and effectively prevents bleeding over the die-cut edges – an all too familiar phenomenon in the production of film labels. Wine labels with the 62Xpc adhesive also prove their strength or resistance in the especially rigorous "cooler test". Even after prolonged submersion in a wine cooler, the labels remain attached to the bottles.

The HERMAexquisite range currently consists of transparent and white PP films in various thicknesses. These are complimented by adhesive materials for wine labels with a variety of high-quality paper and aluminium surface layers. Multi-layer technology is also exploited for the 62 W adhesive applied to these layers. HERMA is thought to be the first company in the industry to implement this production technology on an industrial scale. Irrespective of the label material selected by the converter, all the adhesives applied in the multi-layer process are proven, multi-purpose products. "Converters and users alike thus have access to the best of both worlds: label production benefits and the very good adhesive properties to which they are accustomed," concludes Dr. Baumgärtner.