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Favini presents Secure-Skin

In recent years, Favini has dedicated considerable R&D time and resource to develop several innovative and exclusive security features.
Now, Favini reveals one of its latest security innovations: Secure-Skin, a unique micro embossing. At first sight it looks simply to be a decorative embossing, but embedded inside is a micro text visible with a 15x or more powerful lens.


Secure-Skin can be applied on paper with additional security features for assuring a higher anti-counterfeit protection for bank and ID documents, certificates, labels, tickets, etc.

Besides these applications, Secure-Skin is a useful tool for brand protection: Favini is able to provide high quality papers with a hidden customized micro message, logo or pattern repetition, ideal for packaging solutions where counterfeiting is a major issue - boxes, labeling, tags, product certifications plus associated supporting materials like shopping bags, corporate communication and documentation.
The height of the text can reach 280 micron and the length of a word like “SECURITY” is just 2 mm.