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FLEXcon Receives Customer of the Year Award from Wausau Paper

FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating has announced that the company received the “Customer of the Year” award from Wausau Paper. FLEXcon is recognized for its collaboration with Wausau Paper to develop the industry’s first post-consumer waste (PCW) release liner for the narrow web film label market. The PCW liner is made from up to 30 percent post-consumer waste and offers customers an innovative and environmentally sensitive solution with no performance trade-offs.

“FLEXcon consistently demonstrates innovation as a leader in pressure-sensitive films and adhesive technology and we are pleased to recognize their efforts in this development,” said Dr. John Engel, Vice President - Liner Sector, Wausau Paper. “Together, we were able to develop a release liner that is the first of its kind in the industry and provide customers with environmentally sensitive products.”

Wausau Paper's Coated Products business has recognized customers for the past six years with "Customer of the Year" awards. These awards are designed to recognize the efforts made by companies that have worked together with us to grow markets using innovative strategies. FLEXcon and Wausau Paper worked together to enable the tag and label industry to decrease its carbon footprint and the demand for forestry products, while maintaining the same level of quality and functionally equivalent performance.

“The collaboration with Wausau Paper, a fellow leader in the label market, is a testament to our strong commitment to improving the sustainability efforts of both our company and the market,” said John Bennett, Vice President, Product Identification, FLEXcon. “We are honored to receive this award. Working together has allowed us to offer our customers a way to address the growing need to reduce their carbon footprint.”