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GIDUE M5 goes to China

Chinese self-adhesive label market is growing with a double digit rate. From an initial stage of reduced printing quality and high volume production, the label market is moving to a more sophisticated and technical advanced level. Today, the local industries, together with multinational corporations, are looking for high-standard labels and innovative quality.

Nuova GIDUE, one of the most competitive Italian manufacturer of printing and converting machines in the Labels and Packaging industry, announces the successful installation of its new M5 at Suzhou Industrial Park Tianjie Printing Co. Ltd.

SuzhouTianjie Printing Co. Ltd is a leading label converter in the Chinese panorama. Founded in May 2002, it is a private enterprise specialized in the printing of self-adhesive labels. The several years’ diligence and hardworking spirit endowed Suzhou with a solid foundation. Suzhou Tianjie has the production process of completing printing, UV drying, silk screen printing, cold foil stamping,film coating, die cutting and waste discharge. Following the high-grade service principle of excellent quality and timely delivery, the company, for years, has been producing and providing top-grade adhesive products to L’Oreal China, Intercos, Canon Electronics, Chung-Hwa Pharmaceutical, Gates Unitta and other large enterprises.


image Federico d’Annunzio, GIDUE Managing Director, together with Mr Liu Ge, the owner of Suzhou Tianjie Printing Co. Ltd

GIDUE M5 press is the best machine-configuration GIDUE could offer to a company like Suzhou Tianjie: it is equipped with 10 UV Flexo print units (370 mm wide), 2 Stork RSI screen heads, 1 web gravure unit, 2 cold foil stamping and it is specialized in the production of self-adhesive labels.

Mr Liu Ge, the owner of Suzhou Tianjie, comments: “We have been producing “high end” labels for years by means of central-impression letter-press machines. Thanks to our quality, we earned a leading position in the Chinese market of “sophisticated” labels. We caught the attention of multinational corporate companies. In the last two years, three tendencies dominated the market: extremely high printing quality, combination printing of flexo, screen and cold foil, and added value sophisticated labels. We believe that our GIDUE M5, which is installed since six months, was a successful choice! The press is handy and safe and the Flower™ flexographic head is easy to use even for operators who did not know flexography. The M5 secures a perfect register on all the substrates and the GIDUE flexo and the Stork RSI™ screen heads guarantee an impressive printing quality. We became much more efficient and our customers are deeply satisfied. We are able to deliver 11 colors and multicolor “sophisticated” labels with 1 web gravure, 2 silk screens and cold foil within 3-4 working days”.

Mr. Steven Fan, MD of GIDUE China, adds: “ Our presence in China is established since many years and we count several GIDUE installations at many famous label converters. Suzhou Tianjie is producing some of the most sophisticated and beautiful labels we have ever seen in our country and we are very proud of our partnership with them. Their manufacturing quality will help the whole Chinese Label industry”.