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High Temperature Aluminum Labels for Identifcation of HotMetals

Barcode tracking applications found in the metals processing industry can reach temperatures up to 600C and identification of these metals can be difficult, expensive and time consuming if using the wrong durable label material.




For many applications, polyester labels are considered durable label solutions.  For harsher applications, polyimide based labels offer greater performance.  However, for ultra-high temperatures found in the metals processing industry and even more robust solution is needed.  As illustrated in the images above, Polyonics aluminum based labels are far superior to the polyester and polyimide materials in extreme temperature environments.


Polyonics has developed two high temperature aluminum materials that use a special white top coat that resists yellowing at high temperatures and is thermal transfer printable.  These materials offer an acrylic adhesive system or a silicone adhesive system for the ultra-high temperature identification of coils, slabs and rolls that are identified after being removed from a furnace environment.


The XF-803 has a silicone adhesive and is used in applications where temperature can reach up to 600C.


The XF-807 is based on the the XF-803 top coat chemistry and has a high temperature, aggressive acrylic adhesive that is rated up to 350C.