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Payne launches HoloSense

Leading packaging solutions provider Payne has launched a range of holographic effect label finishes that offer a high impact and cost-effective means to integrate a high end finish to labels.

The new HoloSense effects enable eye-catching holographic-type patterns to be added to label designs, enhancing on-shelf presence and consumer appeal. They help to achieve added depth to colours and create a sense of movement that attracts attention on crowded retail shelves.

Part of Payne's Inform product range, the HoloSense technology can be incorporated into existing labels or included as part of a new design. Five distinctive patterns are available for the surface finish - Diagonal Stripe, Raindrops, Kaleidoscope, Mini Lens and Checkerboard and these special effects can be used either as an all-over design or on selective areas of the label.

HoloSense is the first in a number of initiatives that Payne is taking in the development of label print technology which stimulates senses such as sight, touch and smell. It has been recognised that the incorporation of these types of enhancements can help to increase a brand's impact by 70 per cent1 - crucial in highly competitive retail environments where consumers make more than half of their buying decisions at the point of purchase.

As Payne's managing director, Martin Dallas explains: "A label's key role is to inform but this does not just mean practical information about a product. It is equally important that the label helps to create or reflect brand image, raise consumer expectations and encourage purchase. It is for this reason that many of our customers are asking more of their packaging and looking at additional ways to create value and meaning for the consumer."

Other sensory products that Payne is seeing greater interest in from customers include the variety of texturing and embossing techniques and scented labels.

"We believe a wider sensory experience is a key part in enhancing the overall consumer experience for brands," concludes Martin Dallas. "This promotes loyalty and adds value and we are building on this across our label and tape solutions at Payne to enable our customers to provide additional benefits to their consumers."

Payne Holosense label