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Troika Endorse Alphasonics Cleaning Systems

Troika Systems, the manufacturers of the highly successful Anicam Series and QC tools have endorsed Alphasonics anilox cleaning systems.

The two companies have worked closely over recent years in showing anilox management is invaluable to any flexo printer and that maintaining regular cleaning is integral to this process. Troika have put their name to the endorsement for the Liverpool based manufacturer due to the effective results seen in the field when Alphasonics systems have been encountered.

Managing Director of Troika, Phil Hall said, “We’ve seen Alphasonics systems in countless print houses and know the company well. Through analysis of huge numbers of aniloxes where different cleaning methods are used, we can say with confidence that Alphasonics are fulfilling their statements and are a safe and highly effective method of anilox cleaning. We’re thrilled to be able to lend our seal of approval.”

Troika have cited thorough cleaning on all inks in the time stated by Alphasonics as the reason for the endorsement, which is the first of its kind to be given to a cleaning equipment supplier.

Alphasonics have been supplying cleaning technology for 20 years in the form of Alphasound dual frequency systems and have already celebrated this milestone in business with the widespread launch of the new technology Betasound. This not only utilises super sweeping generators, but the use of simultaneous ultrasonic frequencies at one time. The company states that this would provide the very highest level of cleaning, with the most even distribution of ultrasound anywhere in the world today.


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