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ChickPack: revolutionary IML packaging for eggs

There’s no shortage of developments in the egg packaging market. Paper fibre egg boxes lost ground a long time ago to thermoforming packaging. But the latest creation by German inventor Udo Bodmer offers another, more attractive alternative in the market. Literally.


ChickPacks are a combination of injection and IML labels. The result is a stable polypropylene packaging that is half the weight and half the volume of paper fibre boxes. Which means a smaller carbon footprint. The resistant material and the design of the ChickPack - including the openings for ventilation, 2K injection and tamper evidence - all go to make this a superior form of packaging. The use of IML also offers a number of other important advantages. The photographic quality of IML increases the visual appeal of this packaging for eggs. Thanks to the use of DoubleSided IML labels, Printing Company Verstraete can also offer the advantage of printing information on the inside. Yet another advantage is that IML ChickPacks do not stick to one another during shipping which is often the case of packaging with adhesive labels.