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GIDUE Introduces the Revolutionary M3 Digital Flexo at China Print

GIDUE Digital Flexo™ technology dramatically improves set-up time and waste performances. As a matter of fact, the Digital Flexo™ configuration guarantees a “digital” control on printing pressure and register: a HD Digital Camera, combined with 7 servo motors, is located on each print unit and monitors the printing pressure and register at each plate revolution. Whenever those values deviate from the PDF standards, the Digital Camera “informs” the servo motors which immediately adjust the printing pressure and register to the highest PDF “digital” quality. The result is a constant digital control on each print unit, from initial set-up to the very end of the printing job, which guarantees a “digital” quality-control on the entire job. Digital Flexo™ technology also assures a “digital” set-up waste (on an 8 colors job less than 10 mts) and “digitally” predictable costs/profits. This “digital intelligence” replaces the operator during most of the basic set-up operations: the press automatically adjusts its pressure and register, while the operator can focus on top printing quality and fast productivity.


M3 Scontornata.1920

Digital Flexo™ breaks the standards of the flexographic process and, by putting print pressure and register variables under digital control, “gives birth” to a predictable and consistent “digital” work flow in flexography.

M3 Digital Flexo™ press is dedicated to the Labels & Packaging market and can handle self-adhesive labels, 15 µm unsupported PET, 20 µm BOPP, 38 µm BOPP for mineral water, all shrink sleeves, laminated tubes and up to 350 gsm carton.

The 8th International Printing Technology Exhibition China Print will be held in Beijing New China International Exhibition Center next May 14th - 18th.

Nuova GIDUE S.r.l., one of the leading manufacturing company of printing and converting machines for the Labels & Packaging industry, will launch its new and revolutionary M3 Digital Flexo™. The audience will get the opportunity to see the machine which revolutionizes flexography at GIDUE Stand E4-032 Area B.