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Guandong innovation at Fespa 2013: New supports for emotional applications and new commercial strategies

New strong emotional supports and special effects to gain the attention and arouse curiosity. The appointment with innovation is at Guandong’s stand at Fespa 2013. Absolute stars will be the diamond-points of Guandong wide range of products, both unlabeled and branded, offered to European distributors and OEM customers. A complete choice which shifts from plastic materials to banners, from magnetic sheeting to textiles. At Fespa, spotlights will be put on the Window Graphics Collection: from the see-through effect of Double Way Vision to the light effects of One Way Vision Night&Day, both visible during day and night, thanks to its back-light effect. Special attention for PolyFLAT backlit and light-stop: the largest full-plastic multilayer in the world, 3,20m width. The Company will also present the newest generation banners: the FusionFLEX, suitable for LATEX, the high-coated PolyRAFIA and the CROSS-WIND, the perfect solution for light and resistant outdoor applications. And for Magnetic lovers, two big wall installations will vivify Guandong’s stand and exemplify the potentialities of this material: “the Magnetic World” and “the Ferrite World”.


Daniele Faoro e Fabio Elmi Daniele Faoro e Fabio Elmi


“Our business policy is new for Europe” – says Daniele Faoro, Guandong Sales Director EME “We have been investing from years to reinterpret the market. We are the new conjunction link of the supply chain and we vouch for the highest selection and production quality. Our new commercial strategy is giving us a new lease of life. Thanks to the strenghtened quality of our products, widely recognized by the market, we are signing exclusive partnerships with the most qualified European ditributors and OEM customers for selling Guandong-branded supports. The result of the commitment we have put on the quality controls throughout the supply chain, shared specifications, stable innovation and compliance with European market standards and certifications”.

“We believe in a one-to-one approach. That is the reason why it is so important for us to take part in international exhibitions, such as Fespa. Indeed, they are opportunities to further strenghten the relationships with our partners and to be in the forefont with them” – says Fabio Elmi, Guandong Sales & Marketing Director “Events like Fespa, allow to carry out surveys at an international level, in order to collect precious inputs on the real distribution needs and end-users to be transferred to our R&D department”. Indeed, Research & Development department, is Guandong real core business which is always dynamic to establish new formulas which are guaranteed by precise controls in order to meet European standards and certifications before selling out products.


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