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HERMA is introducing crystal-clear transparent labels

Direct printing on some things with a conventional office printer, including bottles or promotional items, is simply not an option. The best solution offer labels. In some cases, however, a white label does not have the desired effect because it is too conspicuous. Transparent labels, on the other hand, are practically invisible once they are applied. The inscription on the label appears to have been printed directly onto the item. They are therefore ideal when a sophisticated, no-label effect is needed, typically when labelling products, customising promotional items, marking presentation documents, or producing nameplates for meeting rooms, which otherwise require cumbersome fixing with screws.


herma cristal clear labels Transparent labels are jacks of all trades for marking products, promotional items, mail and many other articles with a no-label look. HERMA is adding crystal-clear labels for glass, metal and plastic surfaces to its existing range of matt transparent lab

Extensive user benefits

With a view to making the application scope even broader, HERMA is now introducing crystal-clear transparent labels alongside the existing matt collection. The new labels are particularly suitable for shiny surfaces, such as glass, metal, plastic and painted or lacquered surfaces. They are easy to print on your own (colour) laser printer or copier. A special laser coating ensures excellent fixing of the toner and high-definition printing. Furthermore, the polyester film is weatherproof, resists ageing, repels oil and dirt, and can be wiped clean. The transparent labels are therefore ideal for outdoor use as well. And if a label is accidentally applied not straight or incorrectly, it can be temporarily removed and repositioned.

The new HERMA assortment of crystal-clear transparent film labels comprises seven products in a variety of shapes and formats. They are supplied in 25-sheet packs, and the A3 format is available in a 50-sheet pack. Including the matt transparent labels, users can now choose from 16 product variations.