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Printpack First UK LUX HD Certified Print Facility

Printpack is  the first printer in the UK to receive the esteemed MacDermid Graphics accreditation for their HD (High Definition) Flexo printing system. Printpack, who is a specialist in both Flexo and Gravure printing, has developed outstanding HD Flexo printing system using their expertise and the latest LUX Flat Top Dot Platemaking Technology. The result of Printpack's remarkable HD Flexo print is an end product with a premium and striking on shelf appeal.

Printpack has a long standing supply and development relationship with MacDermid Graphics; the two experts work together to benefit from the best advancements in printing. Following the creation of a testing protocol to benchmark the HD Flexo print standard and quality, MacDermid Graphics performed a detailed assessment of Printpack’s HD Flexo facilities. The evaluation highlighted the exceptional quality level achieved by Printpack and concluded that Printpack deserved to be awarded the prized accreditation and would be the first in the UK to receive this prestigious honour.