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Bar Graphic Machinery Expand Digital and Flexible packaging Finishing portfolio

Bar Graphic Machinery has expanded its portfolio with the launch of two new systems designed to improve productivity in digital converting and the flexible packaging finishing sector.

The first new addition is the 160 m/pm BGM Elite Digiflex full Servo Flexo Die Cut to re-register slitter rewinder, has been developed to convert and finish pre-printed digital, inkjet, or flexo media. This highly flexible system can print, apply additional coating, semi rotary or full rotary die cut, slit and rewind all in register in one, or multiple passes. It is joined by the release of BGM’s Elite 550 Multiflex Full Servo Multiple Substrate Inspection Slitter Rewinder capable of slitting and rewinding at high speed flexible packaging substrates as fine as 11 microns

Features on the BGM Elite Digiflex include an extremely fast change over for maximum productivity and flexibility BGM’s in -house developed Automatic Print Positioning (APP) system for highly accurate plate registration and
Automatic Die Registration (ADR) which greatly reduces set up waste for a more cost-efficient re - register print and die cut production process. A digital servo drive also provides constant communication between all the servo axis for high performance and functionality including advanced diagnostic features.

Capable of slitting and finishing a wide range of filmic substrates, including unsupported films and foils, is the new 300 m/pm BGM 550 Elite Multiflex Fully Servo driven, the Multiple Substrate Inspection Slitter Rewinder
incorporates a motion controller that maintains constant communication between all servo axis from the servo driven unwind through to the pacing roller and dual rewind system. The result is a dynamic performance with great accuracy of positioning and substrate tension control. Maximum flexibility is offered with single or dual pneumatic lay-on rollers running as a single or dual web advance system with assured control on multiple films, Foils and papers.

“All our modular systems offer a high degree of flexibility which is why we are careful to discuss how they can be designed to meet every nuance of an operation’s requirements,” states Annemarie Rhodes, Managing Director. “That way we can offer a high return on investment. Why buy a solution that only meets today’s demands with no way of expanding as you do? Or why spend additional money on a machine that has more capabilities than you require? We want our customers to invest confidently in robust profit generating systems so we can help them build a more successful future.”