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Colônia Brewery launches the world's first plastic-sealed beer

Colônia invests in innovation to offer consumers a safer and more sustainable solution for canned beverages
Colônia Brewery will launch the world's first beer cans with plastic seals. Developed jointly by the packaging company Companhia Brasileira de Embalagens (CBE) and Braskem, the innovative solution completely seals the top of the beer can and keeps the surface clean, while also being 100% recyclable.
The plastic seal, which will reach supermarkets in the second half of the year, was approved in lab tests by institutes in Brazil and France. The solution will be applied to cans on the canning line after the washing and drying processes with zero loss in productivity. The steps will ensure a product that is completely safe, clean and ready for consumption at any time, given the perfect seal created. The cap will protect the top portion of the can during the product's handling from the plant until it reaches the customer's hands.
According to market surveys, the idea of a fully protected can is a necessity that awaited the industry's willingness to apply it to large-scale production operations. "In focus surveys, we learned that consumers desired, approved and valued a solution that could ensure safe consumption and are even willing to pay more for this if needed," said Jacques Pontes, Chief Executive Officer of Companhia Brasileira de Embalagens. "The solution ensures that the final consumer receives a hygienic can," he said.
Plastic was chosen because of its flexibility, hermetic properties and ability to be recycled. "Plastic is an extremely versatile raw material that meets all of the needs of this solution, with the upside of being ecological and recyclable. There are studies in progress at ACV Brasil for a Life Cycle Analysis of the seal, as well as partnerships with cooperatives of recyclable material scavengers to train them in collecting the new feature and providing incentives for its recycling," said Albertoni Bloisi, Packaging Coordinator in Braskem's Market Development area.
According to Luiz Cláudio dos Santos, Marketing Director at Colônia, beer consumers will recognize the value of the new solution. "As the first Brazilian brewery to use plastic seals, we hope to boost our sales by offering an even safer solution for consumers that is also very attractive at the point of sale," he said. According to him, the development will not change the price of beer.
The executive said that with Brazil's stricter drunk driving laws, sales of beer in supermarkets have increased, with the seal also serving as a powerful marketing tool. "In addition to all the attributes related to trust, the seal also allows for creativity in the composition of can designs, with innumerous possibilities. It should serve as another differential on supermarket shelves," he ventured.