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Esko installs Europe’s first CDI Spark 2420 at

German label manufacturer selected Esko flexo plate imagerbased on quality, scalability and environmental sustainability

Esko ( announces the first installation of the new CDI Spark 2420 flexo plate imager in Europe., a division of Druckerei Heinen GmbH in Bad Münstereifel (Germany), selected Esko based on the quality and scalability of the system as well as Esko’s dedication to providing environmentally sustainable solutions. In mid February 2013, Esko, its distribution partner Dantex Deutschland GmbH and Hartmann Polymer installed this latest model of the Esko CDI family of imagers, replacing a film-based production solution. was seeking a state-of-the-art chemistry-free plate imaging solution that would set new standards for output quality for the company and its customers.


image Europe’s first CDI Spark 2420 installed at

“We tested both the CDI Spark and an inkjet film imager,” says Jochem Heinen, Managing Partner of “In our opinion, Esko is the only manufacturer that could meet our challenging requirements for digital imaging.” Heinen adds that the chemical development processes the company had been using often resulted in variations in quality, rework and material waste. “This is an investment in the future,” he says. “We needed to make a change since it is certainly not clear how much longer film imaging will be a viable technology in the manufacture of labels and tags.”

Safer process, standardized quality

“With the CDI, we have been able to boost our label quality significantly,” Heinen reports. “Our imaging operation is also now much safer, and we can deliver a standardized image quality that delights our customers. Possible errors can been seen during preview before incurring the expense of plate imaging. And we no longer have issues with deterioration of screens with gradation.” Heinen points out that the quality delivered by the CDI Spark 2420 enables gradations of as little as one percent, an accomplishment that simply was not possible with the previous film-based process. Heinen was also attracted by the modular structure of the Esko software suite. “We were able to invest in exactly the elements that we needed today,” he says, “and if we need more capability in the future, upgrades are easy. For example, we might consider adding HD Flexo or optimizing our prepress workflow with automation tools from the Esko suite as we gain more experience with the system.”



§Jürgen Heinen (left) and Jochem Heinen (right), both Managing Partners of in their print room

Jürgen Wessa, Managing Director of Dantex Deutschland GmbH, Esko’s distribution partner in narrow web printing and supplier of the market-leading Toray photopolymer printing plates used by, comments, “With the introduction of the CDI Spark 2420, Esko has brought to market a solution that will meet the emerging needs of many label printers throughout Europe., as the first installation, will see a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.” Dantex worked with Hartmann Polymer to ensure a flawless installation at as well as staff training. is using 635mm x 762 mm Torelief DWF 80 NM polymer plates. The plates are cut to size prior to imaging based on the required format.

CDI Spark 2420: The missing link

Esko launched the CDI Spark 2420, designed for the tag and label market early 2013. Other systems for the tag and label market from Esko include the CDI Spark 1712, 2120 and 2530,each serving different plate sizes. Buyers in the tag and label market are increasingly demanding high quality flexo and a wider diversity of printing applications. To address this market requirement, the CDI Spark 2420 is designed to image plate sizes up to 609 mm x 508 mm (24“ by 20“) and to handle a wider range of plate materials, including digital flexo plates, chemistry free film, digital foil-based letterpress plates, digital metal-based letterpress plates and digital silk screens.

Customers can choose the standard resolution of 2000ppi to 2540ppi,, upgrade to the HighRes version at 2540ppi to 4000ppi, or choose HD Flexo 4000ppi in combination with high definition screening. These options deliver the exceptional quality sought by brand owners and will differentiate tag and label manufacturers in the marketplace. In addition, the CDI Spark 2420, comes with the choice of Optics 7.5, Optics 10 or Optics 15. Since performance speed is determined by the optics, customers have the flexibility to choose the optics that best match their current workflow yet position them for future business growth.

“The CDI Spark 2420 is the missing link in the CDI range,” says Jan Buchweitz, Esko Senior Product Manager, Digital Flexo. “With this best-of-class solution, small to medium companies can grow at their own pace, confident that they are well positioned to meet the future expectations of all customers – large or small.”


Founded in 1968, German based Druckerei Heinen has been managed since 2007 by brothers Jochem und Jürgen Heinen. The company has broadened its product range from what was originally a sheetfed print shop to include web-fed label printing. Its online internet shop has been active since 2011, and is generating about one third of the company’s orders. With a staff of seven, concentrates on classic commercial print jobs as well as its core business of web-fed labels for agencies, retailers and industrial companies with print runs between 1.000 and 500.000 pieces.