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Henkel launches initiative aligned to enhancing safety in food packaging

Henkel’s product developers are keen to promote the process of information interchange with all partners involved in the value chain of the food production and packaging sector.Adhesives are essential for many forms of food packaging, and so is the wealth of expertise in this field available from Henkel, the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer. Henkel’s know-how can contribute considerably to providing confidence and peace of mind in the eyes of the food industry and consumers alike. Now, with its comprehensive information platform “Food Safe Packaging,” Henkel intends to make this expertise even more widely available to decision-makers in the food packaging sector.

The range of applications for Henkel adhesives in food packaging extends from the breakfast cereal box and drinks bottle labeling to glossy potato chip packets and foil and film pouches for sausage and cheese. Henkel’s specialists contribute their know-how to help ensure that producers are able to ensure maximum safety in their packaging operations.

The recently launched initiative is aimed at food safety officers, quality managers, packaging developers, purchasers and other interested parties in the food industry wishing to learn more about the ever-present issue of safe food packaging. And Henkel is offering access to this information and expertise through various channels.

At the core of the service is a newly created web presence: This provides content such as webinars, white papers and videos related to food safe packaging. A comprehensive glossary is likewise available. A full range of basic information is thus just a few clicks away. And those requiring more detail can log on to gain access to the premium service.

In addition to the website, Henkel also runs booths at numerous trade fairs as well as at special food safety forums. These conferences have already attracted many customers as well as representatives from research, the trade press and retail wishing to learn from experts about the latest trends in adhesive development. Further such forums are in the pipeline.

“We regard ourselves as partners of food producers and packaging manufacturers, whom we are able to support with a wide range of solutions,” explains Harald Bartsch, the manager responsible within Henkel's packaging adhesives business unit for international digital marketing and marketing communications in Europe.

As part of its “Food Safe Packaging Europe” initiative, Henkel is particularly keen to promote information interchange and cooperation between all parties and partners involved in the value chain. And to further facilitate progress in this field, Henkel has established extensive in-house expertise with a centralized analytics, toxicology and product development capability, and also a team of specialists to deal with regulatory issues.