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HERMA machines for wrap-around labelling are being integrated in Bosch packaging lines

The HERMA 132 M high-performance wrap-around labelling system is emerging as an international bestseller. The self-adhesive solutions specialist, whose headquarters are near Stuttgart (Germany), recently supplied six machines for service in China, South Korea, Russia and Egypt. Each one is to be integrated in an end-to-end packaging line being installed in those countries by the general contractor Bosch Packaging Technology.

"As regards performance, user-friendliness and reliability, the HERMA 132 M occupies a superior position," insists Harald Joos, product sales director of Bosch Packaging Technology's Pharma Solid division in Waiblingen. "Among the key factors for us," he continues, "are the ease of integration in the packaging line and HERMA's flexibility and customer focus." For Martin Kühl, head of HERMA's Labelling Machines division, the international success comes as no surprise, "The challenge of accomplishing a highly efficient and dependable manufacturing operation is being faced to an increasing extent by companies and production facilities in the emerging nations as well. Our model range puts us in an ideal position to respond."

Thanks to its continuously rotating star wheel, the HERMA 132 M can label as many as 330 products a minute.

Clear-cut high performance

The HERMA 132 M is the premier choice for wrap-around labelling whenever maximum performance is required without exposing the user to any compromises. Thanks to its continuously rotating star wheel, the machine can label as many as 330 products a minute. Compact modular construction, based on standard components, allows the machines to be tailored precisely and very economically to users' individual needs. Economic efficiency is further enhanced by the systems' ease of use, ergonomic design, short setup times, and simple format changes. HERMA will be shipping numerous 132 M labelling systems in 2013. They are to be put into service throughout Europe by a series of leading international pharmaceutical manufacturers.