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Interflex Group (Scotland) completes upgrade of Titan SR6 twin-shaft slitter rewinder

For over 30 years, the Interflex Group's two UK manufacturing sites in Dalkeith, near Edinburgh in Scotland and in Sunderland, north-east England, have been innovators in advanced flexible packaging solutions. The company is a leading supplier of flexographic printing and coating techniques, multi-film laminations, paper-film strip laminations and wax coated paper for the speciality bakery, biscuit, confectionery, cereals, processed meat and cosmetic market sectors.



Titan SR6

Rewind shaft showing a typical ball lock system for differential winding

In 1995, Tullis Neal, which later became part of the Interflex Group, commissioned a 1300mm wide Titan SR6 twin-shaft cantilever slitter rewinder. After almost 17 years of reliable service, the company decided that the slitter rewinder would become much more productive and efficiently operated by upgrading the specification of its two rewind shafts.

Early in 2012, engineers from Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd. (Bedford, UK) installed a new differential ball lock rewinding system on the machine which has vastly improved the winding quality of the slit reels as well as providing much better control of winding tension.

"We are really pleased with the work carried out by the Atlas-Titan engineers and the improved performance of the Titan SR6 slitter since the upgrade of the rewind shafts," explained Norman Baldwin, Maintenance Manager at the plant in Dalkeith, Scotland. "We now have much less maintenance to perform on the machine, which means less time lost with the slitter 'offline' and less shaft cleaning which makes the slitting process more hygienic. This is particularly important when most of the flexible packaging materials we process go in to the food industry. Set-up of the rewind reels is also much easier and quicker now than it was before the upgrade," he confirmed.

The Interflex Group also has extensive operations in North America, in Wilksboro, North Carolina and in Merrill, Wisconsin with shrink films, stand-up pouches, barrier and non-barrier laminations and thermo-formed plastic packaging for fresh and packaged food applications.