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Kodak and Acsis Champion Brand Protection Strategies at Anti-Counterfeiting Summit for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Kodak and Acsis will share insights with pharmaceutical brands on packaging strategies that will protect their products from diversion and counterfeiting at the fourth annual Anti-Counterfeiting Summit for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, May 22-24 in Philadelphia. Experts from Kodak and Acsis will help brand owners navigate threats and challenges to protect end consumers from counterfeit or diverted medications.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Summit will feature Kodak and Acsis on the topic of “Leveraging Serialization/e-Pedigree Mandates to Achieve Brand Protection and Operational Efficiency” on May 24 at 9:45 a.m. The session will outline the immediate and long-term benefits of an enterprise serialization solution and create a roadmap to help decision makers plan and implement a brand protection program.



“Impending legislation changes such as California’s e-Pedigree mandate and the European Union’s Safe Medicines Directive are making companies reexamine their supply chains and serialization,” said John DiPalo, COO, Acsis. “The time is right for brands to consider options that will improve their distribution and sales channels, as well as provide protection from diversion and counterfeiting. Kodak and Acsis are delivering exactly that type of solution.”

Kodak has teamed up with industry software and hardware leaders to deliver fully customized brand protection solutions with best-in-class track & trace software, vision camera systems, handheld barcode readers, and packaging line integration, coupled with the KODAK TRACELESS Solutions family of covert markers, smartphone apps, Incident Monitoring System and Brand Protection Services portfolio.



“Kodak and Acsis offer a powerful arsenal to help combat counterfeiting and diversion, which annually cost billions, burden the healthcare system, and put people seeking aid at tremendous risk,” said Keith Cutri, Director, Business Development, Kodak’s Brand Protection Services and a former FBI special agent with more than 25 years of private industry experience. “With dual serialization marking and coding systems, Kodak is empowering brands to become more effective at monitoring, detecting and enforcing measures against diversion and counterfeiting.”

Kodak has a strong history of working with global companies to implement tailored brand protection security systems. Its applications include security features for use in packaging, inks, substrates, plastics and directly in product materials. Kodak’s brand protection solutions currently benefit customers in the pharmaceutical, health and beauty, consumer product and luxury goods industries.