Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Packlab - LABELLING EQUIPMENT FOR ENAMELS, PAINTS AND VARNISHES: PACKLAB IS CONSOLIDATING ITS PRESENCE ON THE MARKETIn recent years, the market for paints and varnishes has been increasingly oriented toward customising the neutral buckets with large self-adhesive labels, featuring many different graphics with strong colours and metallic parts that have a great visual impact to try to attract the attention of buyer by diversifying, as much as possible, the various types of product, yet implementing, at the same time, cost-effective packaging solutions at the expense of purchasing in-mould label buckets.

It is a reality that demands greater flexibility from the manufacturers of labelling machines. Packlab is now consolidating its presence in the paints and varnishes industry thanks to its linear self-adhesive labelling machines that are highly flexible and capable of applying partial self-adhesive labels on the front and back of full and empty plastic buckets up to 20 litres, but also wraparound labels on metallic cans, with or without handles.

Packlab provides the industry even with self-adhesive labelling machines for extra-large labels with a 250 and 300 mm paper roller height. Packlab's linear labelling machines can be equipped with systems for thermal transfer overprinting, to customise a specific portion of the label, hence ensuring a greater flexibility for products intended for export.

The two models of linear labelling machines that are designed to meet the needs of the paints and varnishes industry are, depending on the demand, Wing and Spinner. The Wing model is capable of labelling all those containers that do not require the automatic positioning of the handle with respect to the label, while the Spinner model satisfies the need to direct the bucket handle electronically prior to applying the label.

The overall positive trend in the industry in 2012 meant for Packlab a substantial increase in sales and in the installation of its linear self-adhesive labellers worldwide for this type of application.


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