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NELA gains the exclusive right to use the technical know-how of insolvent Barenschee Systemtechnik GmbH

As of Thursday, 02. May 2013, NELA BrĂ¼der Neumeister GmbH assumes all worldwide technical maintenance and service activities for Barenschee Systemtechnik GmbH. The deal ensures that Barenschee customers have access to service immediately after the company closure on April 30, 2013.

While NELA’s business activities include the newspaper, commercial web and sheet-fed printing industries, Barenschee had mainly focused on newspapers, concentrating on central Europe, England, and the Commonwealth. In the last months, Barenschee suffered considerably from the recessive developments in the printing industry. A change in ownership and management two years ago did also not help to sustainably improve the company’s situation. Now the company had to file for bankruptcy effective April 30, 2013.

It is significant for the highly sensitive newspaper industry that a solution was found that guarantees high-quality service for the around 250 Barenschee installations worldwide immediately after effectiveness of the bankruptcy, i.e. from May 2, 2013. As a sign of continuity, Barenschee’s former service manager, Mr. Detlef Brandes, will become a part of NELA’s service team. In his new function as “Project Manager System Integration”, Mr. Brandes will benefit from his expertise and in-depth knowledge of existing installations.

“This is the chance for our new customers to profit from our reliable service offers for their existing equipment, and to also receive system upgrades and extensions. The know-how of our experienced technicians and the size of our international service groups, together with the right to access engineering drawings and software databases, are the key for successful partnerships,” says NELA’s President Mr. Frank Neumeister. For NELA, the current tendency towards concentration is an economically inevitable result of the overall consolidation process among suppliers of the printing industry.

The acquisition of Barenschee’s service activities is just the last one in a whole range of investments that NELA has made in Germany and North America. The NELA Group, however, doesn’t only invest in its Graphic Arts branch. In a second division called “Vision Inspection Systems”, NELA is also active as a manufacturer of optical inspection systems for rubber, ceramic and sintered metal parts. NELA’s core competence is optical inspection paired with control and automation technology.