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Pantec RHINO™ foil embossing system integrated to Rotatek Brava at Austrian printer Marzek Etiketten

clientuploads/Pantec GS Systems/News/pgs_news_rotatek_marzek.jpgThe by far largest wine label printing company in the eastern Austrian area, Marzek Etiketten, opted for a RHINO™ flat bed foil embossing system to be integrated to one of their semi-rotary Rotatek Brava presses, thus improving differentiation on short jobs.
For Marzek Etiketten, the outstanding look of 3D foil embossed labels is a further development of their differentiation skills on low volume jobs. The integration was done into a Rotatek Brava press, adding RHINO™ for high speed refining.

For Peter Frei, CEO at Pantec GS Systems, Rotatek Brava and RHINO™ are complementing each other perfectly.” With its 16” web width and the high output speed the Rotatek Brava is a powerful press system for short and medium jobs. RHINO™, also equipped with 16” embossing width and a speed up to 120m/min, is neither limiting web width nor speed – but substantially enhancing the value of the output by 3D foiling differentiation. The higher margin for the attractive look ensures a fast payback.”

The integration to ROTATEK Brava updates Pantec GS Systems list of RHINO™ with semi-rotary machines after equipping several Gallus TCS presses already at Aset-Bidoit, France.