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Royston Labels Extends Labelling Capabilities with New Generation Antimicrobial Technology

Royston Labels has added a new generation technology to its printing capabilities. The breakthrough takes the form of a coating treatment which offers safe and highly effective antimicrobial performance, and lasts forever. This advancement allows Royston Labels to offer a labelling solution which deactivates bacteria and other microbes, without compromising on design or decoration.

Royston Labels has extended its printing capabilities with the inclusion of a new generation bacteriostatic technology. The breakthrough takes the form of an advanced coating treatment, offering safe and highly effective antimicrobial performance, which lasts forever.

Packaging can spread infection because it is usually comprised of materials, such as paper and cardboard, which have the potential to harbour and transmit bacteria through contact – these materials are known as fomites. Because of this, antimicrobial challenges affect all packaging that might be handled by many different individuals, or is stored in conditions where bacteria can breed. Items that must be kept sterile, like pharmaceuticals, also face an increased need to control the growth of microbes.

Using the new technology, Royston Labels can offer a labelling solution whichdeactivates bacteria and other microbes, without compromising on label design or decoration.

A particulate additive for top-coatings, the new innovation uses the bacteriostatic qualities of silver to deliver extremely effective antimicrobial protection. The performance of the solution has been tested against a wide range of micro-organisms, on different paper types and under stringent conditions, with results demonstrating that 99.99% of bacteria are killed within 30 seconds of contact with treated substrates.

As well as being highly effective, the new coating is the safest environmental antimicrobial product available.  Royston Labels can apply the dermatologically tested technology to all print coatings or varnishes, where it gently defends against bacteria. The additive is also naturally odour free and non-migrating, even when wet.

The breakthrough technology not only delivers everlasting antimicrobial effects, but it’s extremely low silver content means that using it has little impact on the total cost of a label. Royston Labels can incorporate this innovative new solution without compromising a labels’ colour, texture or functionality

About Royston Labels

Founded in 1984, Royston Labels is a multi-award winning manufacturer, specialising in top quality, fit for purpose labels that are certified to ISO 9001 and PS 9000 standard. Royston Labels are passionate about labels, understand the power of labels to add brand value and communicate product identity, and are dedicated to ensuring excellence in service.