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Second Mark Andy Performance Series P5 press installed at Astron Packaging

The recent installation of a second Mark Andy Performance Series P5 press, at Astron Packaging, marks a significant milestone for both the Ahmedabad based label converter and Flexo Image Graphics  - The Indian arm of Mark Andy that has sold a considerable number of Performance Series presses to customers in India and neighboring countries since its launch.

Astron Packaging was the initial Performance Series press customer that finalized the Performance Series P5 press when it was launched at Labelexpo in Europe in 2009. Astron had seen the press there and was totally bowled over by the performance of the Performance Series press and had finalized it there itself. After that there was no turning back when the time came to add on capacity.

Niraj Darji of Astron Packaging

Niraj Darji of Astron Packaging

The second Mark Andy P5 installed at Astron Packaging is a 10” 8 color servo platform machine capable of high quality combination printing effects such as cold foil, rotary screen, chilled UV curing, as well as converting options. Looking back, Mr. Niraj Darji, Senior Vice President of Astron Packaging is pleased that they opted for the P5 in the first place: “For us at Astron, that was definitely the right press at the right time. And with our ever increasing portfolio, we were more than sure that it had to be a P5 press again.”

The investment in the second Mark Andy Performance Series technology (Astron Packaging also had one MA2200 17” 8 color and a P5 10” 8 color flexo line) is a mark of Astron's belief that it is necessary to invest in cutting-edge production capacities and become more efficient by specializing in market sectors. According to Mr. Darji, “The performance facility of the P5 has allowed us to move into the high-end pressure sensitive label market where the demands are growing. We are highly pleased with P5 because of the machine's consistently high print quality. Not only the uniquely engineered print-head design meets the critical needs of today's converters; but the P5 is perfect for the everyday converter looking to achieve servo-driven productivity and high quality levels, at an extremely appealing value. It has also benefited our customers as we have been able to meet their ever increasing demand levels, as well as quality expectations whilst offering them added value labels is a bonus and the P5 is perfect for all that.”     

The most technologically advanced offering in the newest line of Mark Andy presses, the P5 is the high-end, efficient solution for the most complex print applications. Incorporating the uniquely engineered print-head design meets the critical needs of today's converters; the Performance Series product line provides fast changeovers, simple operation and superior print quality. These very characteristics have quickly elevated the Performance Series to a leading position in the Indian flexo press market since its introduction. Building on the unique print station design common to all Performance Series presses, the P5 is focused on productivity. Eliminating several operator steps, drastically streamlining productivity and ensuring consistently high print quality and with the fastest make-ready times in the industry, makes the P5 one of the most operator-friendly presses on the market.

Mr. Gourav Roy, MD, Flexo Image Graphics, comments: “The Indian label industry continues to be a strong and emerging market for Performance Series presses in the Asia Pacific region. The success we have seen since the introduction of the Performance Series has been astounding. And with converters adding a second Performance Series press reinforces our faith that the benefits of the Performance Series - including fast changeovers, reduced make-readies and minimal waste - are appealing to these profit-conscious business owners. Astron Packaging is a valued customer and we are extremely proud to support them in all of their endeavors."

Crucial to the company's commitment to this technology has been the high level of technical support offered by the FIG sales and service team, both before and after installations. Speaking about the customer service of FIG, Mr. Darji says: “We already had a good experience with FIG and Mark Andy when we went in for the MA2200 17” 8 color press and later the Performance Series P5 10” 8 color press. The detailed training programme and informed technical back up support offered by FIG at all crucial times has not only given us great confidence in them and Mark Andy, but we have built our business around its technology, and we are very successful. In short, I can only proudly say, that we are one loyal Mark Andy customer.”

According to Mr. Niraj Darji, 2013 will be a remarkable year in the company's short history of venturing into the label converting industry, “as our focus is now to meet the extra growing demand from an ever growing portfolio of brand owners in the perishable industry, pharma and healthcare markets, as well as engineering product portfolio. And with the addition of this second P5 press, both the P5 machines will allow us to move into the market for high-value labels that require added-value finishing techniques,” signed off Mr. Darji.