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Soft cheese: The pack plays a vital role

Soft cheese: The pack plays a vital role


Exclusively for supermarket giant, Tesco UK, Arla Foods is producing a new soft cheese range in a pack from RPC Superfos. The choice of packaging plays an important role in the effort to increase market share.

The packaging looks stunning on shelf. It makes consumers turn their heads and take an extra look. The new range of soft cheese from Arla Foods is produced exclusively for Tesco UK. The brand is called YUM and includes soft cheese varieties such as Full Fat Original, Garlic & Herb, Green Pesto and Pink & Black Peppercorn which will add that little extra to your daily meals and make them a delight.

Great implementation
When it comes to the packaging, dairy company Arla Foods has used an extraordinary choice of colours, as black is dominant and complemented by a vivid colour reflecting each cheese flavour. The choice of colours and the design of the tub were made in cooperation with a design agency, while RPC Superfos has implemented the packaging solution. Arla Foods is really happy with the result for the fresh and contemporary YUM brand:

“We think the result is great; the packaging has turned out exactly as we wanted. The overall impression is bright, attractive and has great stand out on shelf,” says Heather Amos, Customer New Product Development Manager, and continues:

“RPC Superfos is a really good company to work with and they made sure the packaging hit the shelves on time, despite the tight time schedules we were working under.”

Makes a reassuring click sound
The lid of the tub is made using In-Mould Labelling resulting in a perfect finish and a razor sharp image. It not only looks good; it is also functional and user-friendly. It makes a click sound when reclosed, which reassures consumers that it is closed correctly and gives them the feeling that the product is kept fresh for longer. The tub is a customised Thin Wall Packaging solution.

Black is very different
Soft cheese commonly comes in packaging in silvery shades combined with white and blue. YUM follows its own distinctive track. Heather Amos explains:

“We found a gap in the market for something new and different and made the packaging part of the marketing strategy. This is why we decided to differentiate our pack from the traditional ones and we are pleased with the performance of the range so far.”

The marketing strategy also encompasses social media networking to spread the word about the full YUM range which includes butter, spreads and soft cheese ranges and uses the same imagery.