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Stora Enso Packaging Streamlines Product Design With ArtiosCAD Enterprise from Esko

Atioscad enterprise Improved stakeholder collaboration and faster approvals equal more cost effective product design.

Stora Enso Packaging, the leading producer of corrugated board sheets and packaging, is enjoying a significantly enhanced product design and completion process following their investment in ArtiosCAD Enterprise from Esko, a global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging, sign and display finishing, commercial printing and professional publishing (

“ArtiosCAD Enterprise allows all authorized parties involved in the design of a product to access up-to-the minute information and share their input in real time for more efficient approvals and faster time to market,” comments Andis Skujenieks, Baltics Sales and Marketing Manager for Stora Enso Packaging. “As a result, we can handle a greater number of jobs and complete them more cost efficiently.”

ArtiosCAD Enterprise, supplied by Esko dealer BZG Solutions, has been installed at Stora Enso’s sheet converting plants in Riga, Latvia; Tallin, Estonia; and Kaunas in Lithuania.

Seamless solutions for streamlined production

Over a year ago Esko launched ArtiosCAD Enterprise. This builds on Esko’s flagship structural packaging design editor ArtiosCAD and uses WebCenter for global sharing and collaboration via the cloud. With ArtiosCAD Enterprise, all assets are centralized in a secure web-accessible database hosted in a private corporate cloud, enabling dynamic online collaboration among design groups, CAD and graphic designers, suppliers, brand owners and production—in fact, across the entire packaging supply chain. It features an easy-to-use online dashboard for real-time feedback on project status, task lists and other parameters. An embedded design browser lets users easily search production die designs. Global and template-based project and document auto-numbering and naming allows the organization to uniquely name each asset, maintaining file and project integrity.

A major benefit of this implementation is the elimination of inefficiencies, explains Mr Skujenieks: “In the past, we have had instances where a number of designers in the same office have picked up the same job and started working on it. With ArtiosCAD, users can see what stage a job is in and who was the last person to work on it. That means that there is no likelihood of this unnecessary redundancy occurring, obviously saving time and improving productivity.”

Faster approval times are also assured, he explains: “Our internal approval cycle can incorporate anywhere from seven to 90 steps, although the average is 15. Now with the ability for everyone involved to easily access relevant information online, there is no longer a need to print out hard copies for signatures, and the whole process is much faster and more efficient. We have transparent reporting and a simpler means of understanding a job’s progress. Customers can also instantly see the design and job status. The system is easy to maintain, as well. We expect to achieve a significant return on investment from the moment the system is fully implemented.”

Peter Ogden, Esko’s Business Development Manager - Structural Design & Key Account Manager, explains: “The overriding benefit of ArtiosCAD Enterprise is its ability to enable faster sharing of information that reduces errors, hastens the approval process and significantly reduces lead times.

“Before Stora Enso Packaging made the investment in ArtiosCAD Enterprise, each job would go through a linear approval process with every stakeholder. This potentially added weeks to the time from concept to completion. Now everyone involved can access the project immediately. They can even invite other interested and authorized parties such as graphic suppliers or diemakers to benefit from their expertise. Each and every action in the system, including the viewing of files or other assets, is recorded for the ultimate in reportability.”

Ogden also cited other advantages ArtiosCAD Enterprise offers users, saying “ArtiosCAD Enterprise can enable sales teams to be more responsive by allowing them to immediately upload information using tablets, phones or laptops reflecting the latest customer input. They can add photos and other content that can instantly be sent to a designer who can then start work within minutes as opposed to the days it may have taken before. Realistically, the designer could send the customer a virtual mock up that same day. In a highly competitive marketplace where time to market is critical, the benefit of these capabilities is immeasurable.”

One concern about making the investment in a cloud-based application was Stora Enso’s own internal security and privacy requirements. However, despite an increased level of information sharing with customers and others in the supply chain, the high level of security built in to ArtiosCAD Enterprise has enabled Stora Enso to put those concerns behind them.

The investment decision was further bolstered by the long-standing working relationship between Esko and Stora Enso, who already operates ArtiosCAD and Kongsberg sample making tables within its packaging operation.

Stora Enso Packaging is a division of Stora Enso, an integrated paper, packaging, and forest products group that annually has a production capacity of 2.1 million tonnes of paper and board and 1.3 billion square metres of corrugated packaging. Sales in 2012 totaled EUR 10.8 billion. Primarily serving business-to-business customers through its own global sales and marketing network, Stora Enso employs 28,000 people in more than 35 countries.