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Xeikon ThermoFlexX 30 digital imager delivers ideal combination of cost efficiency, flexibility and quality

At Grafitalia stand D21-E30 in Milan, Italy, Xeikon showcases its highly productive ThermoFlexX 30 digital imager with a clear focus on mid-web label and folding carton applications. Its innovative design features a unique Vacuum Slider Concept and its unequalled 5080ppi resolution. These benefits position the ThermoFlexX 30 as the cost-efficient, flexible and high quality solution for imaging the widest range of flexo and letterpress plates.



Unique Vacuum Slider Concept for flexibility and efficiency

Xeikon label and packaging customers around the world state that innovative design features like the Vacuum Slider Concept save them time and money. With the Vacuum Slider Concept, there is no more tedious tape construction to professionally fit the plates nor any need for cutting plates to match dedicated vacuum zones on the imager. In addition, the operator can easily and conveniently mount and image cut pieces, which delivers further reductions in production time and cost.

Do you need just good quality or the very best?

Printers and repro houses need the flexibility to optimally match the requirements of each specific job. For many label and packaging jobs, our standard 2540ppi resolution is more than adequate. For other applications or for customers requiring the highest quality, the ThermoFlexX 30’s unique 5080ppi resolution option is ideal. These customers demand finer details; cleaner mid-tones; sharper text, lines, bar codes and QR codes; and optimal image contrast. With an abundance of gray levels even at high screening resolutions, the ThermoFlexX 30 meets all these requirements!

ThermoFlexX 30 features

The Xeikon ThermoFlexX family of digital imagers supports plate widths from 18” (420 mm) to 80” (2032 mm). The ThermoFlexX 30 model matches the most common plate size of 25”×30” (635mm x762mm). Customers can choose between a 20W or 35W high power fiber laser, delivering between 1,5 and 2,5 m2/h production capacity. Resolutions are either 2540 or 5080ppi.



As with all Xeikon ThermoFlexX imagers, the ThermoFlexX 30 is designed for smooth and productive operation. The advanced clamping system facilitates easy, ergonomic plate mounting. The standard vacuum drum and optional hybrid vacuum/magnetic drum assure accurate plate positioning and optimal exposure of flexo and letterpress plates. The integrated display enables fast, user friendly and reliable control of the imager.

ThermoFlexX imagers accept 1-bit TIFF files from any workflow or digital front-end. And the workflow can be as simple or as complex as the printer or repro house needs.

For more information, visit the Xeikon stand at Grafitalia, stand D21-E30, scheduled for 7-11 May 2013, or