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ASQ receives delivery and installation of BGM Multiflex

ASQ, one of the largest label manufacturers in Belgium & Romania, has installed an Elite Multiflex Multiple Substrate Inspection Slitter Rewinder from Bar Graphic Machinery.

Mr Ludo Buckinx, Director of the firm established in 2004, explains: “Over two thirds of the labels we produce are custom made. This in itself continuously presents new challenges for which we strive to find inventive solutions such as the Elite Multiflex Multiple Substrate Inspection Slitter Rewinder.”

The company has recently invested in excess on flexible packaging and label presses to expand its  opportunities and as a result can work with a wide array of materials.

“This meant we required a finishing machine capable of completing a multitude of substrates,” states Mr Buckinx. “After a number of demonstrations, from a range of suppliers, our decision was easily made when we visited Bar Graphic Machinery. The Elite Multiflex ran effortlessly with several of our bespoke products, achieving outstanding finished profiles and speeds of up to 300 metres per minute. Prior to leaving BGM our decision was made and we officially placed our order there and then.”

Daniel Carr, sales manager of Bar Graphic Machinery, comments: “We were absolutely delighted that Mr
Buckinx sealed the deal after visiting our manufacturing and demonstration facilities. His substrates consisted of a wide variety of unsupported and supported films, foils and papers - all of which very specialised and bespoke.

“We are equally delighted that the machine is now fully operational and supporting the ASQ group by
finishing all their products with ease.”