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Milla, the biggest dairy company in Azerbaijan, launched Ayran and several joghurt drinks, now also in handy PET bottles. All in all 5 different dimensions (200 ml, 300 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml & 1 litre) from the classic Ayran to different flavours (tropical fruits, pomegranate, mint, strawberry, prune, very berry) are available on the market from April.


The printing result should be sharp & precise to boost the fruitiness of each individual taste, even with CMYK colour set-up. A colour gradient for each sort needs to be accurately illustrated.Above all, a special requirement was the prevention of the Sleeve starting to slip while opening the bottle.

The offset / gravure combination printing technology facilitates the implementation of all challenges. A special OPS shrinking material assures a perfect shrinking result even with the big 1 litre containers and prevents slipping of the Sleeve while opening the bottle.

With offset printing the raster gradient is illustrated crystal clear & precise. Additionally it facilitates a sharp design of the fruit images. Ideal to show the fruitiness & freshness of each sort.
Despite a high sort quantity, all sorts could be printed efficiency with low printing plate costs.