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Flexible Woven Nylon Material for Electrical and Laboratory Applications


Nylon label materials can offer significant advantages over polyester or polypropylene based films in terms of conformability.  This is very important when labeling rounded surfaces such as vials or test tubes used in medical and laboratory applications or identifying wire and cable bundles for the electrical industry.  The label needs to survive the life of the part identified and stiffness of a polyester or polypropylene material, over time, may cause failures such as flagging or delamination.  The flexibility of the nylon label would all the material to conform to a rounded surface and be less likely to see this type of failure.


Why is nylon better?  When compared to continuous film, the woven nylon absorbs the stresses that result from dimensional changes that occur from bending or at extreme temperatures.  The aggressive 1 mil pressure sensitive adhesive allows for a strong bond in extreme low temperature when adhered to rounded plastic or glass surfaces.


The XF-302 is a 5 mil woven nylon cloth with a 1 mil aggressive adhesive that will not flag or otherwise detach from a rounded or curved surface.  The flexible design has been tested in an outside laboratory for cryogenic storage applications where the temperature can be as low as -196C.


These products are used in many applications across multiple industries including:

  • Slides and glass plate identification
  • Test tube and vial tracking
  • Wire marking
  • Bundle wraps
  • Cryogenic storage

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