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Great Success for ROTOCONTROL/LeoMat in the Benelux

ROTOCONTROL, a manufacturer of leading-edge slitter/rewinder inspection machines, today announced the receipt of several purchase orders in the Benelux from Eti-Technix, Blana, W&R Etiketten, and two leading label printing companies in the Antwerp area. The orders were led by Rolf van den Berg of MEG Trading Commercial Solutions, who represents ROTOCONTROL and LeoMat high-speed inspection, slitting, rewinding and die cutting finishing machines in the Benelux.

Eti-Technix, a Belgian printer that specializes in blank and printed labels up to 7 colours, ordered an RSD slitter/rewinder inspection machine that includes a servo-driven die cutting station and printing unit. Built with an 800mm unwind, cartridge shear/razor slitting and rewind system, the RSD's modular design allows expansion of the basic configuration to meet customer-specific requirements. Eti-Technix offers the latest photogravure technologies, including an HD flexo plate for high-quality printing.

The LeoMat Digitakt SFR

The LeoMat Digitakt SFR

Blana, an innovative family printing business ordered a LeoMat Digitakt SFR with the innovative EPOS option (Electronic Knife Positioning System). Headquartered in The Netherlands, Blana produces paper products including A4 labels, continuous forms, ATM rolls and bank statements. Designed to complement digital printing operations, the Digitakt SFR is a fully modular, versatile finishing machine with a rich standard feature set and a range of optional finishing modules. The ROTOCONTROL EPOS option fully automates the slitting set-up, reducing job change time to less than a minute, even with shear systems using upper and lower blades.

Dutch label printer W&R Etiketten, who produces blank and printed labels in addition to label-producing accessories including printers, transfer ribbons, label software and label rewinders ordered a LeoMat Digitakt SFR and a LeoMat Practice. The LeoMat Practice fully-automatic slitting/rewinding machine features full electronic control, integrated job memory, and advanced electronic components allowing easy operation while providing extremely constant web tension. The two finishing machines join another LeoMat Practice already in operation at W&R Etiketten.

"ROTOCONTROL and LeoMat finishing machines have been very well received in the Benelux," comments Rolf van den Berg, owner of MEG Trading Commercial Solutions. "These recent orders join numerous other installations in the area, with many converters placing subsequent orders. The product mix available from ROTOCONTROL offers a range of features and customization options that are an ideal fit in this market. I expect continued success in the Benelux."