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IPL introduces its new Film Seal Square Line

The design and marketing teams at IPL developed a new Film Seal Square Line that offers a reduced environmental footprint for film-seal application thanks to thin wall design. Moreover, this new line of square containers offers added branding value through a modern design and photo-quality IML graphics.



Designed to stand on the shelves
The Film Seal Square Line was designed with both the consumers and retailers in mind. The design incorporates a modern design and a large IML decoration surface that appeals to customers, boosting impulse purchases.

Sustainable Advantage
The Film Seal Square Line was designed with thin walls, meaning that it uses less resin than our existing square or round containers. Its square shape optimizes space utilization by maximizing the number of containers on a pallet compared to round containers of similar size. The polypropylene container, lid, and in-mold label are 100% recyclable and reusable, which answers the needs of the increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

Source: IPL
The Film Seal Square Line is film sealable, which is ideal for deli products such as cheese in brine. Furthermore, there is no skirt around flange, reducing the risk of contamination.