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KODAK FLEXCEL NX System Certification awarded to Reproflex 3

Kodak has awarded its first Partner Certification for KODAK FLEXCEL NX System in the U.K. to R3. The Newcastle-based packaging pre-media company delivers packaging and label applications to top brands throughout the U.K. and Europe and has recently doubled its capacity, expanding and building new premises of 12,000 sqft. The new certification programme for KODAK FLEXCEL NX System users has been put in place to support the packaging industry and provide a benchmark to help raise standards of quality and excellence.

In today’s consumer goods market, there is a challenge to all brand owners to create, produce and develop a unique brand. Kodak and its customer R3 both understand the needs of global and local brands. Together they have worked to develop a tool kit that delivers a solution that competes with some of the world’s largest suppliers in the packaging sector. The KODAK FLEXCEL NX System has driven a step-change in flexography bringing a new level of efficiency, consistency and standards of quality to flexo printing. As the industry migration from ‘art’ to ‘science’ continues, companies that achieve the FLEXCEL NX System certification demonstrate that they can meet the rigorous criteria as a trusted partner of Kodak at the leading edge of this transformation in the world of packaging.



from left to right: Trevor Lowes, Joint Managing Director at Reproflex 3, Jonathan Moore, Packaging Sales Director U.K. & Nordic, Kodak Graphic Communications Group and Andy Hewitson, Joint Managing Director at Reproflex 3 displaying their KODAK FLEXCEL NX System certification at R3’s new site in Newcastle

The certification process is designed to ensure that partners are providing plates that not only drive higher levels of quality but also offer the capability to achieve significant production efficiencies and cost savings on press. The KODAK FLEXCEL NX System lowers the cost of printing while providing unrivalled results. Kodak has taken its expertise in imaging and materials technology to develop a digital flexo plate system that enables both outstanding image reproduction and robust performance on press. This technology can improve sales and profitability by increasing shelf impact and giving predictable print results, wider production latitude, decreased set up times, plates that last longer, fewer split plates, fewer spot colors and fewer double hits - all adding to production efficiencies that drive overall cost savings.

Trevor Lowes, Partner and Joint Managing Director at R3 says, “Achieving the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System certification is an endorsement of what R3 is all about. Our company mission is to supply the best quality plate and service to the packaging and label industry in Europe. The KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plate allows us to produce designs for flexible packaging not achievable on any standard plate. This plate enables photographic quality on multiple substrates. It gives our customers an edge in the marketplace. As one of the first companies to test the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System and KODAK SPOTLESS Flexographic Solution, R3 has built its business using Kodak technology and created a significantly differentiated offering to its clients.”

Jonathan Moore, Packaging Sales Director U.K. & Nordic, Kodak Graphic Communications Group states: “Kodak is very proud to award the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System certification to Reproflex 3. Our Partner Certification is a benchmark for quality and reflects the high standards of both the company and the product being produced on R3's premises. By working with a repro house that has achieved this certification, printers can be assured that they are receiving a service and a product that is manufactured to the highest standards.”