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KODAK NEXPRESS Gold Solution Adds Sparkle to a Wide Variety of Print Jobs

Kodak previewed the NEXPRESS Gold Solution at drupa 2012 and has been busy perfecting the solution with beta customers around the world over the past 12 months. Boasting a large number of commercial and special projects produced during that time, KODAK NEXPRESS Gold Dry Ink has proven to be an attention-getting addition wherever it has been used. Customers have been eagerly anticipating the solution, which is now available globally.



Designed for commercial printers, photo printers, and in-plant printers, the NEXPRESS Gold Solution is a unique option for KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, enabling printers to add a gold metallic effect as a fifth color. Early adopters in the beta program are finding that the combination of gold effects with the outstanding output of KODAK NEXPRESS Presses is opening new opportunities for adding value to digital print jobs.

“We’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of different projects with NEXPRESS Gold Dry Ink, and our clients have really embraced this new capability,” said Ken Dunn, Digital Operations Manager at Westamerica Graphics, an early beta customer in Foothill Ranch, California. “Some of our existing clients have incorporated gold as part of a brand color or accent for use with certain projects, and they have seen an immediate benefit from being able to print digital jobs with gold—from the economy of short runs and the quick turnaround to the savings of not having to send out for expensive gold foil or embossing work. The direct mail, certificates, and other projects we have produced now have a look that only we can create…and it looks fantastic!”



No other digital cut-sheet press in the market offers a gold metallic solution, especially with the option to print lengths up to 36 inches/914mm on more than 800 different substrates. Beta customers are using the new gold capability to replace work they used to have to send out to complete, resulting in better revenue and better margins. Customers also are picking up new business and new clients with the introduction of gold. Some early applications include certificates, direct mail, marketing materials, photo books, invitations, greeting cards, and more.

Montreal-based fine artists Louise and Joseph Simone have been working with Kodak to integrate NEXPRESS Gold Dry Ink into some of their prints and are thrilled with the quality and vibrancy it adds to their work. “For close to 35 years, we have been in this beautiful adventure of imagery, and we are always looking for a tool or technology that will enhance our signature style,” noted Louise Simone. “The gold gives us a way to be different in the market and gives a touch of class and higher value. This new tool will open doors for us.”

“All our lives, Louise and I go where nobody else goes because we like the exclusivity,” added Joseph Simone. See more of their story at

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