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PAGOmat 6M - increased productivity and even greater operating efficiency

PAGO LogoThe Pagomat 6M sets entirely new standards for user friendliness, operational reliability and labelling precision – all decisive requirements for increasing line productivity. At the same time, the Pagomat 6M can reduce the operating costs incurred by the customer – periods of downtime, maintenance effort, installation and expansion costs are reduced to an absolute minimum.

PAGOmat 6M model range – Modular technology for the future
The modular construction of the Pagomat 6M provides solutions for all tasks relating to the industrial application of self-adhesive labels. Three basic construction formats and performance classes clear the way to fulfilling any labelling task. Whether integrating into the production line or installing into linear and rotary labelling systems. Thanks to its flexible construction, the Pagomat 6M can be adapted precisely to every installation context. An advantage that doesn't only pay dividends during initial installation. The Pagomat 6M has almost unlimited capacity for expansion even in changing production contexts and can be adapted to take account of technical alterations.

Greatest installation flexibility
Seamless pivoting components mean Pagomats can be perfectly adapted to the spatial context of the production line, in every situation. Its integrated control saves space as well as effort in mounting and cabling.

Perfect operational ease
Operation is intuitively simple with the 3.5“ colour touch screen. Quick access keys mean all important functions can be called up immediately and guarantee convenient, targeted control of the Pagomat Hightech.

Quick, tool-free product changeover
Various innovations such as arrows on the label and backing web guide band rollers, quick release fastening on the backing web rewinding spindle, seamlessly adjustable label scanning or optional implementation of the dispensing mechanism as a format set provide quick, tool-less product changeover with minimal periods of downtime.

High data security
A slot for USB sticks ensures simple data import and export directly at the operating unit, full backup/restore and firmware updates, thereby paving the way for efficient hotline support.

Networked production
The new Pagomat 6M can also be optionally operated externally via superordinate control panels. Data interfaces such as PROFINET or EtherNet/IP and OPC UA are integrated.

Highest level of precision
The robust construction provides the labelling machine with stability and, in conjunction with the high-performance drive technology and the slip-free transport system, ensures the greatest possible labelling precision.

Wear-free and maintenance-free technology
Thanks to the generously proportioned drive technology, the dirt and water-proofed control and the highly processed dispensing plate, the Pagomats are very nearly attrition and maintenance-free, with low replacement part requirements.