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Polyonics Introduces High Opacity Black Polyimide Tapes for High Temperature, Antistatic and Flame Retardant Applications

Polyonics manufacturers a broad portfolio of high temperature, highly opaque black polyimide tapes with ESD-safe and halogen free flame retardant (FR) options. The single and double coated tapes are designed specifically for masking and bonding applications involving light sensitive devices that also need to withstand the high temperatures and harsh environments typical of PCB manufacturing. Constructions are available with 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 mil polyimide films, acrylic and silicone pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and both semi- and matte-gloss levels to help control the magnitude and direction of reflected light. Custom 0.5mil matte black polyimide is also available.
image Polyonics high opacity black polyimide tapes, specifically designed to manage light in high temperature light sensitive applications

The  REACH and RoHS compliant tapes offer high dielectric strengths for electrical insulation and surface resistances of >10^4 Ohms (the heart of the dissipative range) to help protect static sensitive devices. The space-saving thinness of the Polyonics black engineered tapes allow their use in smart phone and tablet cameras and batteries, audio speakers, lasers, LEDs, etc. They are also particularly well suited for a wide variety of applications in the rapidly growing field of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).
Features and Benefits
• High opacity effectively blocks light
Semi- and matte-gloss options manage magnitude and direction of light reflection
• Acrylic and silicone PSAs offer strong adhesion to most surfaces including low surface energy (LSE) plastics
• High temperature dimensionally stability provides thermal protection up to 300°C
Static dissipative coatings ( >10^4 to 10^9 Ohms) and low peel voltages (<100v) protect static sensitive devices
• High dielectric strengths (≤8.6kV/mil) provide high degree of electrical insulation and isolation
• Halogen free flame retardant versions, tested to UL94 VTM0, are ideal for Li-ion battery wraps
• REACH and RoHS compliant
• Single and double liners aid handling and die cutting
• Custom single and double coated constructions available for all films and PSAs
Polyonics High Opacity, High Temperature Black Polyimide Tapes

Film Thickness
PSA Thickness
  (gloss units)    
 Dielectric Strength 
  0.5mil semi-gloss black   
    1.0 acrylic     20 +/- 3    98 +/- 2    
  0.5mil matte black
    0.9mil FR acrylic  
    2 +/- 1   98 +/- 2               8.6
  1.0 semi-gloss black     1.0 silicone     20 +/- 3   98 +/- 2               7.6
  2.0 matte black     1.5 acrylic      2 +/- 1   98 +/- 2               6.6
  0.5 matte black     1.0 LSE acrylic        2 +/- 1   98 +/- 2               8.6
  1.0 semi-gloss black     1.0 acrylic      20 +/- 3   98 +/- 2               7.7
* Double coated tape, also available with acrylic and LSE acrylic PSAs