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Wasberger AB Announces “New organization”

Wasberger AB has acquired shares in the well-known Danish company Lundberg Tech who are producing waste handling system used worldwide. Wasberger AB will from now on be marketing Lundberg Tech products and systems towards the label printing industry worldwide.

For the purpose to better focus on the task a new organisation called Wastech has been established and will also be selling the products under the brand name of Wastech.
Wastech will offer from small single edge trim solutions to mobile stand-alone systems up to central system for matrix and edge trim waste removal and bailing or compacting.

Wastech products and systems will be sold and distributed by distributors around the world. The Wasberger group is located in Sweden (Nordic), Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Italy and offers a wide range of commodity products as well as special products for the graphical label industry as well as Grafotronic conversion machines and equipment.