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Wastech has teamed up with Staffan Hagberg, formerly from Samuel Jones UK Ltd, to create and promote “Waste Handling Solutions and system” especially for the label printing industry “worldwide”.

Wastech offers outstanding products and systems for label edge and matrix trim waste handling including recycling options. Newly developed products as Matrix Cutter and Trim Cutter will be released and introduced at Label Expo in Brussels 2013.

Matrix Cutter offering a complete and silent mobile “stand alone” function for one or option two printing presses with both matrix and edge trim removal, cutting and compacting to bag or container to a very affordable price why it will be a completely different product from any other of its kind.

Trim Cutter offering a mobile edge trim removal to bag or bin for one printing press. The Trim Cutter is a complete function again to a very affordable price.

Both systems are powered by the well-known Lundberg tech. Lundberg Tech has been working with waste handling solutions for more than 30 years and have more than 3000 installations around the world.