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Daco introduces three innovations for die cutting technology at Labelexpo

A rotary die cutter with a one-metre unwind and auto cut and apply system; the only die cutter with semi-automatic turret, auto cut/apply and a 30 second make ready; and an improved table top die cutting machine with back scoring system for waste control are three major developments from Daco Solutions on stand 7K135.

Daco D350

The Daco D350 is a single rewind die cutting machine fitted with a one-metre unwind for immediate higher production output for this class of die cutter. It features an auto cut and apply system with inter-label cutting for applying the web to the cores at the start of the rewinding process. The die station is strong and is supported down to ground level. This delivers the benefit of a turret without the outlay.

“There is no machine out there with a single rewind, auto cut and apply combination,” says director, David Beynon.

“With the job storage system all relevant parameters for the job can be stored and recalled next time the job runs reducing make ready considerably.”


Based on Daco’s bestselling design, this semi-automatic rotary die cutter promises a 50 percent increase in capacity from its 350mm web width. Daco resisted the temptation to ‘stretch’ its former 250mm web width into a higher capacity machine so re-designed the PLD from scratch with new drive mechanisms; a bigger, stronger die station supported to ground level and a heavy duty auto cut and apply head.

The difference in web width enables additional lines of labels to be produced at the same time.

The PLD350 comes into its own on small roll runs because of the reduced idle time between each rewinding cycle. Make ready has been reduced considerably with a job storage system and further software development enabling quick and easy job setups.

Daco claims the PLD350 has no equivalent label production machine competitor on the market.

Daco PLD350 Rotary Die Cutter with Semi-Automatic Turret Rewinder for the efficient manufacture of plain labels.


Daco Solutions’s original entry level, table-top die cutter has had a makeover. The upgrade includes a back scorer mechanism to take up waste edge trim, ergonomic upgrades and a new waste rewind mandrel design.