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Grafiche Amadeo gets into the self-adhesive market partnering with OMET

With 35 years of experience as typolithography, Grafiche Amadeo of Chiusanico (IM), far from abandoning the core business that has made them famous, embark on a parallel path and choose to enter the self-adhesive label market.


image Mr. Roberto Amadeo

Today as never before in the Italian uncertain economic scenario, it is important to diversify the market channels and consequently the range of products offered. The Amadeo family, and in particular Mr. Roberto and his sister Marina with her husband Marco, have felt the need to diversify their product portfolio and have it done by choosing OMET as a partner.

The order signed with Enrico Gandolfi, sales manager of OMET for the Italian territory, is for a XFlex X2 press in width 370 mm in 6 UV colors. The machine is equipped with finishing groups and special applications units running on rails, rotary die-cutting and one output rewinder. The chill drums of XFlex X2 act as counter rollers and, in addition to reducing waste and set-up times, make the line suitable for processing both paper and adhesive film, and single-layer plastic films.

The Amadeo family started this new business venture after careful analysis. Despite having the certainty to enter an industry that still has an interesting appeal, as shown by the studies on the sector, and next to a supplier as OMET that will offer full support during both the start-up phase and the subsequent growth, it was a must to ponder every step.
Now that the XFlex X2 OMET is next to delivery, Grafiche Amadeo officially kicked off the challenge that we hope will start and continue under the best auspices.