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HERMA introduces new products at LabelExpo 2013

For the third time in succession at the LabelExpo Europe fair, HERMA will be presenting a host of new products to the international trade at this year's event in Brussels (September 24–27). The agile self-adhesive solutions specialist continues to reap the rewards of its innovative multi-layer coating technology. Following the highly successful launch of several adhesives based on this advanced curtain coating technology – 62Gpt and 62Xpc in 2009, and 62Dpc and 62Dps in 2011/2012 – two more formulations for high-end applications on critical surfaces are now ready for the market. Commenting on the focus of the exhibits on Booth R100 in Hall 11, HERMA managing director Dr. Thomas Baumg√§rtner says, "We are gradually closing the gaps in the emerging end-to-end range of adhesives based on multi-layer technology. Our overriding goal at the fair is vividly to underline the specific benefits of this sophisticated portfolio for each customer. We are pursuing this objective with a fit-for-purpose exhibition booth and by addressing our visitors individually."


The new adhesive for tyre labels is also produced by multi-layering. It offers outstanding die-cutting and adhesive properties and does not contain any plasticizers.

Innovation for print varnish and glass

With varnished surfaces, such as book covers, labels must be removable without leaving any residue, so that new books also look fresh and unused. If shipping and information labels leave any adhesive behind when they are removed, the books will inevitably be classified as seconds. A new HERMA formulation, free from plasticizers and based on a multi-layer dispersion adhesive, provides a reliable remedy for such situations. Competitors are still consistently using hot-melt adhesives that contain plasticizers. HERMA has also developed a variant for glass surfaces that completely avoids the problem of "ghosting" – the non-tacky, but milky and distinctive adhesive film that is often left behind on glass.

New development for a variety of rubber compounds

Another new product making its debut and produced by multi-layering is HERMA's adhesive material for tyre labels. The plasticizer-free dispersion adhesive selected in this case is perfectly compatible with the die-cutting equipment used with film labels (paper labels are seldom use for such purposes). The material offers outstanding adhesive properties on both summer and winter tyres, which are manufactured from different rubber compounds. No trace of adhesive residue remains on the tyre when the label is removed. For this application as well, HERMA's competitors are still using hot-melts.

HERMAexquisite for fine wines

A new range of textured papers, developed specifically for the superior wrap-around labelling of wine bottles, is also being exhibited at the LabelExpo for the first time. Introduced in the second half of 2012, the HERMAexquisite assortment is based on the compelling, special 62W adhesive. It possesses excellent adhesive properties in the cool and moist conditions that prevail in wine storage locations. Even after prolonged submersion in a wine cooler, the labels remain attached to the bottles. And these good adhesive attributes go hand in hand with equally impressive processing properties.