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KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press brings Gildeprint growth opportunities with digital printing

Dutch print house Gildeprint Drukkerijen has moved into the digital print market after investing in the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press. The investment has enabled the company to increase revenue by broadening its portfolio, notably in the personalised print sector.




Gildeprint has evolved into a healthy business, employing 14 staff. Before investing in new equipment, the company invariably turns to AtéCé Graphic Products, a leading supplier of graphic arts equipment. Peter Hendriks, owner of Gildeprint, was shown the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press in action and was immediately convinced by the system’s capabilities – and could envisage the positive impact it would have on his business.


Achieving consistent print quality

Hendriks says that being able to deliver top-quality print throughout the run is imperative: “I always want the same print quality – even though many customers can’t detect a discrepancy, I can! Of the four samples that I picked out as the best, three were produced on the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press. After seeing the print quality, the decision to invest was easy. I can honestly say that it doesn’t make any difference whether work is produced on one of our offset presses or on the NEXPRESS SX3300 Press.”




Driving revenue

It was not just the print quality that surpassed Hendriks’s expectations. Since installing the SX3300, Gildeprint is offering shorter lead times and has seen an increase in orders and throughput: “The results speak for themselves. Our aim was to produce 250,000 impressions a month, but after two months we had already exceeded 800,000.”

Hendriks has also been busy taking advantage of digital’s capabilities. Under the Boekengilde name, for example, he is working on a web portal where customers can put their own book together and have it printed: “This could be a consumer who wants to put together a book of their favourite holiday photos, for example, or it could be a professional writer who wants to compile their best articles to use as a portfolio.”




Full of ideas

Hendriks is happy to share his experience of the NEXPRESS SX3300 Press with others, so they can discover how it can transform their businesses. Recently he and AtéCé Graphic Products invited customers and prospects to a two-day Open House event to show them what Gildeprint can deliver with digital printing: “The SX3300 Press has given us loads of ideas on how to grow the business – it has opened many doors for us.”


Olivier Claude, General Manager for Print & Vice President Commercial Business EAMER, Kodak, comments: “Gildeprint is a great example of how investing in digital can really breathe new life into a business. They have seen that there is no compromise in terms of quality. And, importantly, they are getting creative and unlocking the potential of personalised print. They have a bright future ahead of them.”